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What makes a craft show a success? Great traffic, location, booth size, booth appearance, your appearance, your products and much more! Determining what will make your next show a success includes pre-planning, pre-show advertising, networking and the WOW appeal!.

Top 8 Tips

# 1. The WOW Appeal
  # 2. Pre-show planning
    # 3. Location
     # 4. Advertising
     # 5. Networking
   # 6. Your Product
  # 7. Appearance
# 8. Goody Box

#1: The WOW Appeal

The WOW Appeal: Make your booth space stand out. Signage, booth layout, atmosphere, aroma and the wow appeal draws attention to you and your booth. You have a great product, then show it off. Show your customer how to display it in their home. When they walk into your space, it's like walking into your home. It should be warm and inviting. A space where they want to stay and wander a bit.

Colors are an important part of the WOW appeal. Research colors, reds are bright but sometimes remind us of high energy. Not relaxation. Great for kids products, etc. Cool colors may be too soothing for a great kids toy. But use cool blues and greens for aroma therapy products and WOW. Choose your colors and backdrops with care. They should ENHANCE your product and not distract from it. Remember your booth space is the backdrop to your product.

#2: Let's start with PRE-SHOW PLANNING: Is it a high income area or a low income area? Artisans Alliance takes great pains to promote shows in the higher income areas. The demographics of all the areas are for the 35+ female shopper range.

#3: BOOTH LOCATION, SIZE and TRAFFIC- Plan your space setup. Use both sides of the floor traffic lane. Plan for flexibility. Your booth may end up with a column. Use it to your advantage. Displays with flexibility are key.

#4: ADVERTISE: Send out coupons to your customers. Tell them to stop by with an incentive to shop from you. Coupons for buy 4 get the 5th free or save 10% create the "need to buy now" for your customers. You'll be surprised at how many will come to seek you out.

#5: NETWORK: Meet other crafters who attend and/or exhibit at the same shows. Ask for referrals. Meet others with similar interests. Some may even want to team up and share booth fees, etc.

#6: YOUR PRODUCT: Offer make and takes: Let the customer try out the product. Charge a small fee. Once they try your product, chances are they'll buy more!

#7: YOUR Appearance - Yes, it's true. You play a key role in what you sell. How you look, what you wear, how you stand or sit are all vital in your overall look. Look your best. Stand or sit on "bar stool" height chairs. Be at eye level with your consumer. Don't make them look down to you. But, don't be at a point where you look down at them.

#8: GOODY BOX: Plan ahead and travel light. But, do not forget the goody box. This is the life saver for the professional show exhibitor. Include the following: Rolaids, aspirin, a high energy bar, nuts, gum, mints, band aids, lotion, antihistamines, water bottles, extra tape, scissors, glue, pens, pencil, paper, rubber bands and business cards. Bring this with you. You'll never know when you'll need the extras. Sometimes a show is just too busy for lunch breaks. But an energy bar will tide you over. Plan ahead and take it with you.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. Wander the show when you get a chance. Observe what the customer is interested in. See how your product can adapt to what the current trends are. And SMILE!!

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